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500 Fast Cash Misconceptions and Explanations

There are a lot of misconceptions that are currently circling around the Internet with regard to the true nature of Payday loans. Reading negative articles about payday loans can easily change the minds of people who do not have any knowledge about payday loans. Among the many misconceptions about payday loans, here are some of the myths and the explanation to answer all the doubts of individuals on payday loans.

Myth 1: 500 Fast Cash Payday Loans have a lot of Hidden Fees

file9711283703792Some people say that there are a lot of hidden fees associated with payday loans. Most of them said that the borrowers will just be surprised that the amount that they will be paying is higher than the amount that they are expecting to pay.


Basically, there are only 3 common fees associated with payday loans aside from the interest rates and they are disclosed by lenders before you obtain the loan. There are fees for the services offered by the lender which is the initial fee. There are also fees when the borrowers failed to pay the loan on the date agreed upon and requested to extend the date. There are also fees when the lender failed to withdraw funds on the account of the borrower on the payment date because of insufficient funds.

Myth 2: Payday Loans are Only Made for Emergencies

For those who do not have any idea about payday loans, most of them think that it is only made for emergencies because that is what most of the advertisements and TV ads are saying.


The lenders do not ask their borrowers if they need the money for emergencies and they do not make decisions based on the motives of the borrowers. As long as they are eligible for the loans, they can obtain it no matter where they want to use the money.

Myth 3: Payday Loans are Complicated

Some people say that applying for payday loans are too complicated because they ask for a lot of fees and they are asking a lot of questions during the application.

Explanation From 500 Fast Cash:

10No matter what kind of loan you obtain, whether it is long term or short term loans, it will always be complicated. As a matter of fact, payday loans are easier to obtain compared to other loans because the requirements are only minimal.

Myth 4: Payday Loan Lenders Target People who cannot pay the Loan

Some people said that the lenders are trying to lure people who are not able to pay loans to avail their loan so they can trap them on a continuous debt cycle.

Explanation About 500 Fast Cash Payday Loans:

Payday loans are business and it is made to earn money. Why would they lure people who cannot pay for loans? They will gain nothing from people who do not have the capacity to pay for loans. They are using their own money to help people so there is no reason for them to target people without any capability to pay for the loans that they will obtain.